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Health and Wellness coaches are trained to
apply the six pillars of lifestyle medicine:

The Canadian Health and Wellness Coaching Academy is the first and only institution in Canada that offers certification programs for Health and Wellness coaches. Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to help your clients achieve optimal health and wellness through evidence-based lifestyle interventions. Whether you are a health professional or a wellness enthusiast, our courses will help you become a competent and confident coach in the field of Health and Wellness.

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Courses & Certifications

We offer courses and certifications that cover the core competencies of health and wellness coaching. Each course consists of online modules, live webinars, assignments, and assessments. Upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate of achievement from the Canadian Health and Wellness Coaching Academy and be eligible to apply for the corresponding credential from the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching.

Health and Wellness Foundations

This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of lifestyle medicine, a holistic approach to preventing and treating chronic diseases by addressing their root causes. You will learn about the six pillars of lifestyle medicine: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, social support, and behaviour change. You will also learn how to assess your clients’ lifestyle risks and needs, what testing is currently available and how to design and implement personalized lifestyle prescriptions.

Health and Wellness Coaching Skills

This course teaches you the essential skills and techniques of effective coaching, such as active listening, powerful questioning, motivational interviewing, goal setting, action planning, and follow-up. You will learn how to apply the coaching process to help your clients overcome barriers, enhance motivation, and sustain behaviour change. You will also learn how to use various tools and resources to support your coaching practice, such as health assessments, coaching models, and digital platforms.


Health and Wellness Coaching Applications

This course focuses on the practical application of Health and Wellness coaching in various settings and populations. You will learn how to tailor your coaching approach to different contexts, such as primary care, workplace wellness, community health, and online platforms. You will also learn how to address the specific needs and challenges of diverse clients, such as children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with chronic conditions.

Health and Wellness Coaching Mastery

This course is the final and most advanced course in our certification program. It prepares you to become a master coach and a leader in the field of Health and Wellness. You will learn how to integrate and synthesize your learning from the previous courses, and how to demonstrate your competence and professionalism in your coaching practice. You will also learn how to evaluate and improve your coaching outcomes, and how to contribute to the advancement of Health and Wellness coaching.

Health and Wellness Coach Certification Program For Physicians

This is our flagship program that will prepare you to become a certified Health and Wellness coach as a physician. This program consists of 12 online courses that cover the core competencies and domains of lifestyle medicine coaching, such as lifestyle medicine principles and practices, health coaching theories and models, behaviour change strategies and techniques, motivational interviewing skills, coaching ethics and standards, and more. Upon completion of the program, you will take the certification exam and receive your credential as a health and wellness coach.

Continuing Education Courses

These are short and focused courses that will help you update and expand your knowledge and skills in specific areas of lifestyle medicine and health coaching. These courses are designed to meet the continuing education requirements of the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Some of the topics we offer include: nutrition and diet, physical activity and exercise, sleep and circadian rhythms, stress management and resilience, mindfulness and meditation, positive psychology and well-being, chronic disease management and prevention, and more. These courses are delivered online and include lectures, videos, readings, quizzes, and assignments. You can choose the courses that interest you and complete them at your own pace.


Webinars, Podcasts, and Newsletters

Free and regular resources that will keep you informed and inspired by the latest developments and trends in the field of lifestyle medicine and health coaching. You can access these resources through our website, email, or social media platforms. Our webinars and podcasts feature interviews and discussions with leading experts and practitioners in the field, who share their insights, experiences, and tips on various topics related to lifestyle medicine and health coaching. Our newsletters provide you with curated and relevant news, articles, research, and events that will help you stay updated and connected with the field. You can also interact with our speakers and guests, ask questions, and share your feedback and opinions through our online forums and chats.

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As a graduate of our certification program, you will automatically become a lifetime member of the Canadian Health and Wellness Coaching Academy. This means you will have access to a range of benefits and opportunities, such as:

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